VersaGrad Pumps

This is a Legacy product and has been discontinued.
However, Scientific Systems will contintue to provide spare parts and service.
VersaGrad Legacy HPLC Pump

VersaGrad Binary Gradient Pumps

With multiple configurations available, the VersaGrad Pump platform is adaptable to all Analytical and Preparative Chromatography applications in a variety of flow and pressure ranges. VersaGrad’s precision mechanism and fluid path teamed with its complex control algorithms provide accurate flow regardless of flow rate, back pressure or solvent.
Both single- and dual-piston configurations are available to meet your performance/value requirements, and all include automatic piston wash to reduce down-time and maintenance costs. VersaGrad Pumps are available with 316 Stainless or Biocompatible PEEK fluid paths.

VersaGrad Datasheet