Teledyne’s SSI Acquisition FAQ and Summary

As with all acquisitions there are a lot of questions and unknowns. To address concerns of employees, customers, and suppliers, please review the following few key points regarding our change from Scientific Systems, Inc. to Teledyne SSI.

  • There will be no changes in the core SSI business. We will continue to be the premier manufacturer of custom piston pumps HPLC, UHPLC, and other applications requiring precise flow rates at high pressures.
  • Product offerings, new developments, manufacturing capabilities, and the current management and engineering staff will all remain the same.
  • SSI will utilize the Teledyne synergies to our best advantage:
    • Access to other technologies, such as fluid handling systems, automation, rotary valves, software for instrument control and detectors
    • Operational advice to improve quality systems, manufacturing capacities and capabilities, efficiencies, and customer service response
    • Ability to utilize the economies of scale to reduce product costs through combined purchasing efforts with other divisions
    • Financial controls and stability from a large parent company
  • In particular, SSI will take advantage of a larger engineering resource by combining our team with Teledyne ISCO engineering. Working together, we will improve pump design and performance, allowing new cost reduction opportunities for our customers and a wider OEM product offering.
  • Accounting and customer interface processes, such as order processing, invoicing, payments, etc., will transition slowly and smoothly. Working collaborative with our customers, SSI will implement the Teledyne systems in an efficient and seamless way.
  • Although some competitive situations have come about (at the end-user instrument level), SSI as a component manufacturer, will not be prohibited from continuing our current OEM pump business with any customer. All accounts will experience a “business as usual” approach.