M1010PNN3D – M1 Class 10 mL/min 2,000 psi; PEEK; No-Flush; No dampener; Aqueous seal (FP); Inlet (1/8" OD flex tubing); Outlet (1/8" OD flex tubing)


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The compact SSI M1 Class HPLC Pump consists of single-headed positive displacement piston pumps that deliver high-performance and precision at an affordable price. Superior to Gear Diaphragm and Peristaltic pumps the M1 Class provides greater performance at an equivalent cost to lesser-functioning products.

Applications include precise chemical metering dispensing and specific HPLC separations. Standard fluid path materials are Stainless Steel and PEEK. With 10 mL/min 40 mL/min and 100 mL/min versions reaching pressures up to 2000 PSI these pumps capture the majority of typical laboratory fluid transfer applications.

Features include interactive keypad control Pulse Dampener and Outlet Filter RS-232 Serial and Micro USB 2.0 ports for complete PC control and status as well as hardware for laboratory stand mounting. Having the smallest possible footprint for a high pressure pump the M1 Class will easily integrate into any laboratory or industrial environment.

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Dispensing, Metering, Separation

Pump Class

M1 Class

Flow Rate

10 mL/min


2,000 PSI




N – No Self-Flush

Pulse Dampener

N – No Pulse Dampener or Pressure & Leak Sensors

Piston Seal

3 – Aqueous / Standard Seal (Flouropolymer Energizer)

Inlet / Outlet Tubing

D – Inlet: 1/8" OD (flexible) Outlet: 1/8" OD (flexible)

Pump Heads


880211 Seal Kit
880351 Piston Replacement
880402 Check Valve
880711 Filter - Outlet
880721 Filter - Inlet
890153 PCA Board
890323 Head Kit