MX Lite Class HPLC Pumps

High Performance Isocratic Pumps at an Affordable Price

The economical MX Lite consists of single-headed, positive displacement piston pumps incorporating high performance in a compact package. The MX Lite can be used in both analytical and small-scale preparative HPLC separations.

Further applications include metering and dispensing, Standard fluid path materials are Stainless Steel and PEEK. With 10 mL/min and 40 mL/min versions, these pumps can tackle the majority of laboratory applications.

Features include Pulse Dampener, complete control and status through USB communication, interactive keypad control, Run/Stop capability, integrated prime/purge valve, outlet filter, and drip tray. All this comes standard in a low cost package that provides repeatable and consistent performance. Requiring minimal bench space, the MX Lite will easily integrate into most workspaces.

MX Lite Class Documentation

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