LS Binary Class HPLC Pumps

Binary Gradient Pumping System

The customizable Binary Gradient Pumping System, part of the LS Class, is an advanced pumping system for two-solvent high-pressure gradient applications. The system is designed with two single-head positive displacement piston pumps integrated into a functional enclosure.

Equipped with belt drive pump mechanisms with shaped cam and electronic fast refill, the system produces very low pulsation. Fluid path materials are stainless steel and PEEK, with optional titanium. Available features include Prime-Purge Valves for each channel, Pulse Dampeners for reduced pulsation, pressure monitoring with integrated transducer, bulkhead outlet filters, an in-line, high-pressure, low-volume mixing chamber, and a drip tray with leak sensor.

The system comes equipped with the SSI Gradient Control Board, which has an integrated Software GUI for customizable method development and input. This allows for autonomous binary gradient formation without the need for continuous computer monitoring and control after downloading the method onto the control board. Serial commands may be used to directly set pump flow rates, start/pause, or monitor status. Additional features of the Gradient Board include control of two solvent-selection valves, multiple timed events, and leak detection.

BLS Class

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