Product Bulletin: Series 1500 Pumps Replaced by Series 12×6 Pumps

This is a Legacy product and has been discontinued.
However, Scientific Systems will contintue to provide spare parts and service.
Effective Date: January 1, 2012
Product Area: Pumps
Product Improvement: Model 1500 Pump Replaced by Model 12×6 Pump

Model 1500 Legacy HPLC Pump
The Model 1500 Pump is being replaced for more reliable and smoother operation. The new Model 12×6 Pump has the same specifications as the old Model 1500 Pump with the following added benefits:

  • Utilizes a cam designed for our UHP pumps with a smoother profile.
  • Utilizes the 1/8” piston (10 ml piston) which is more robust
  • Fewer tendencies to vapor lock
  • Same price as the Model 1500
  • Includes the improved self flush plumbing
Material of Construction Series 1500 Part # Series 12×6 Part #
Stainless Steel F05SFD01 D05SFD01
Series 12x6 Datasheet