Product Bulletin: Series I, 10 mL Pumps, Stainless Steel and PEEK

This is a Legacy product and has been discontinued.
However, Scientific Systems will contintue to provide spare parts and service.

Effective Date: June 12, 2013
Firmware Update for Model Series I Pumps (10 mL), for operating at low flow rates

It has been reported that operating these pumps below 0.02 mL/min can cause the pump to stall which then activates the fault light indicator on the front display. This problem has been corrected in a firmware update. If you are in the need of operating at these low flow rates and are experiencing this anomaly, please contact SSI Service and we will promptly assist you.

The correction will require an EPROM change on the board. This procedure can usually be accomplished at the customer site. A new EPROM and instructions will be provided.