Product Bulletin: Prep 24 Pump is replaced by improved Prep 36

This is a Legacy product and has been discontinued.
However, Scientific Systems will contintue to provide spare parts and service.

Effective Date: August 28, 2011
Product Area: Pumps
Product Improvement: Prep 24 Pump Replaced by Prep 36 Pump

The prep 24 pump is being replaced to more closely match the requirements for semi prep columns in the 3/8” and 1/2” size range. The new prep 36 pump has the same specifications as the old prep 24 with the following added benefits:

  • 50% higher flow rate allowing full potential of 10mm and 1/2” columns
  • Much quieter operation of the pump
  • Lower weight
  • Same price as the Prep 24
  • Includes the improved self flush plumbing

Click on the Prep 36 Part Numbers below to view specifications and download datasheet.

Stainless Steel — Prep 24 Pump, part # P10SFT01 REPLACED BY Prep 36 Pump, Part # P15SFT01
PEEK — Prep 24 Pump, part # P10PFT01 REPLACED BY Prep 36 Pump, Part # P15PFT01