Product Bulletin: Improved Self-Flush Assembly

Effective Date: August 28, 2011
Product Area: Pumps
Product Improvement: Self-Flush Assembly

In order to improve the functionality, aesthetics and installation ease of SSI pumps, the use of hose barbs and Tygon tubing for connecting the self flush tubing has been replaced by ¼ x 28 inch fittings and 1/8” PTFE tubing. See Figure 1.

Self-Flush Figure 1

Fig. 1: New SF showing smaller tubing versus old system with hose barbs.

In addition on all multi piston pumps the self flush housings are daisy chained to allow for only one inlet and outlet line. See Figure 2.

Self-Flush Figure 2

Fig. 2: Daisy chaining the SF heads on dual piston pumps.

On Series 1 Pumps, the spacer plate behind the self flush has been changed from aluminum to SS to avoid corrosion. See Figure 3.

Self-Flush Figure 3

Fig. 3: Spacer behind SF on Series I Pump showing finish of SS used.

All of these features add to the reliability and ease of maintenance on the pumps. Additionally they have a much more pleasing aesthetic look.